Rainbow Springs and Yankeetown

This week we ventured north of Tampa to a beautiful state park that was originally an amusement park in the late 30's and 40's. It is a beautiful natural spring that flows into a wonderful swimming area. Back in the 30's they created a number of small waterfalls, which, are all but nonexistent in Florida. It was one of the hotter days with 100% humidity. We were all soaking wet and exhausted after a hike around the park. From here we had to visit a village called Yankeetown. With a name like that, it had to be interesting for photographers. 

We drove through Inglis and found Yankeetown flooded from the days storm. The road continued toward the coast and we followed it hoping for some coastal shots. We passed through coastal grasses that reminded me of Low Country Carolinas. The road ended on a small peninsula reaching into the gulf. There was no wind and the water was like glass. There were small islands everywhere and it looked like a wonderful place to kayak, and fish. We found the most beautiful location of our recent trips.