Cephas Hot Shop

Last week I went on a "photo walk" with a friend in the Ybor City area of Tampa. We scouted the area and stopped on a number of streets to shoot old buildings and colorful homes. As we were shooting a little corner store, Cephas Hot Shop, we encountered the owner himself.

This delightful Jamaican guy brought us into his unique garden and convinced us that Aloe Vera is the cure to almost everything. He insisted we drink a concoction of Aloe gel and distilled water, which, I did with a little trepidation. It went down okay so he poured me a glass of Moringa tea to finish the "dose". He then took the leaves he had made the Aloe drink from and cut them to the size of my sandals to use as insoles. 

We were given a tour of the Hot Shop and left through the front door. He insisted I would feel energized by the end of the day as well as become more "regular" in body functions!  I slipped along through Ybor City for another couple of hours on the Aloe leaves. It was a very hot day so we ended our visit early in the afternoon. Once I got home I showed my granddaughter the Aloe leaves I had been walking on and my daughter confirmed the medicinal values of Moringa and Aloe............I didn't get any more regular, but, I didn't need a nap that afternoon!!!!! 

Yeah Mon, I tink he be right bout dis stuff!!