The "Big Island"

Lava, Lava everywhere....that was our first impression upon leaving the Kona airport. We soon broke out into sloping grassland that went from the ocean to the top of the ancient volcano. The old lava flows cut through in stripes of black and red.

This island has the greatest variety of climates and vegetation. In the rain forest there are towering Eucalyptus Trees walling the two lane roads. At the southern tip locals dive from the high cliffs for a photography crew that was filming them. Surfers catch huge waves on the southeast side. In the middle there is a huge cattle ranch that covers the grassy slopes and old volcanic cones. and is spectacular in the late golden hours.

We stayed at the beach on the Northwest side above Kona. This is the only island that I felt the need for more time to explore. Maui was wonderful and a place where I could easily live. Hawaii, is different. The people were even more laid back. The places to go were numerous and weather turned wonderful as the "Trades" finally kicked in......